#bring back our girls

I think they have kidnapped the girls so that they can get someone out of prison or get something. I think that they are using the girls against someone. I don’t know what or who, but I thnk it’s for something. And their just using god as a cover. They are using them as a trade off, or sell them as slaves.

By jaydog14

“Jump, jump, jump”

I stood there staring the object before me. I saw the rippling water, I saw the diving board, I swap the water again and I saw the the diving board. Every one was shouting “jump, jump, jump” I stood there, amazed by the mans efforts, he bounced 1,2,3 and kept high in the air plummeting downward into the crystal like water below. I was amazed by his efforts, the judges gave him 6,8,7. That was the time I went to watch synchronised diving.

By jaydog14

Being bored is awful because

Boredom is awful because there is usually nothing to do, believe it or not. The only time I am ever bored is when the guns are away, my dirt bikes broken or when my play station games are getting old. So pretty much whenever my dad’s not home or when I’ve been over playing. Usually my dad’s artwork so never get to use the guns or ride my bike. It’s pretty much his fault I have a boring life.

By jaydog14

My head was sayin no, but my heart was sayin, “why not”

As I approached the diving board I felt a tight knot tangle itself around and around my stomach, I felt like it was cutting off any blood supply that I had left. As I walked onward, the board bent beneath the sheer weight of my muscle bound body, I weigh 125kg and there isn’t a scrap of fat on me. My veins bulging, my muscles twitching with every move I make. The board was now shaped like a banana, I bounced once, twice and leapt high in the air, my enormous body sprung upward high in the air. When I reached the Crest my jump I thought to myself NOOOOOO because I body flopped strait into the water.

Before I started, my head said no but my heart was saying why not!?? I should have gone with my head.

By jaydog14


I think that the goings on in Ukraine are ridiculous because there’s a saying, violence doesn’t fix anything. If you think about world war 1-2 they didn’t change anything. There was a hell of a lot of death and not much change in the world, it’s just the same old hole. The people that it effects are mainly the innocent people that have nothing to dap with the war.

If ww3 happens I think I would go if I was allowed.

By jaydog14

It should be compulsory to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

I strongly believe that this statement is true. I think this because if we were in the wild and still living in caves we would have to exercise to get our food every single day. By doing at least 30 minutes of exercise you will become fitter and stronger. If you are fit and strong and a natural disaster hits you have more of a chance to get to safety than someone that weight 200 kilograms and can’t move their own body weight. But then again in an earthquake if you huddle next to someone that weighs 200 kilograms then they will stop the roof from hitting you.

By jaydog14

The hardest day of my life

The hardest day of my life was one particular day in Edgecumbe College. It was the first day back at school in term 4 this one kid, a pimple faced nasty little pies of you guess what. I hate his guts, I swear if we ever meet again I’ll kill him, first thing in the morning he approaches me. I try to avoid him but he continues towards me so, stupidly I stop to talk with him. When he gets to me he starts swearing at me and pushing me around, his mates join in, they rag doll me for about 2.5 minutes. I eventually get over the pushing and shoving so I land my first hit, a massive uppercut to the leader of their group. Neihana, he has had a thing for me since the start of the year. He lands on the ground with blood oozing from around three of his lower teeth. Next his mate Jaime comes at me so I right hook him in the ribs, he drops. All the others stop to help their mates. I seized the opportunity and bail to the office. In there Mrs robbertshaw takes me in and sits me down. She calls my dad, he shows up and we walk out to the car. As we walk down the drive way the kid who started it all starts calling me little b$&€ but my anger has dropped now so I just leave it. This was my last day at Edgecumbe college. (The best day at Edgecumbe college but worst in my life)..

By jaydog14

Quickly I inhaled

Quickly I inhaled, filling my lungs with air, before I squeezed the trigger.

I slid back the bolt, and let it go. A round was punched into the chamber if the semi automatic sks. I lay still waiting, watching, listening… I heard a twig break in the deathly silence. Then, out of the bush, a massive albino stag erupted out of its leafy fort. An explosion of sound and sight was dispersed through the bushy cavern. Still I remained stationary with this white beast not 10 feet in front of me. I put my eye to the scope, sat the cross hairs right on the deers head and breathed. In, out, squeeze. I wrapped my cold bony finger around the solid metal rod, I squeezed, a massive explosion tore through the leaf laden trees. The bullet zipped past the deers head and buried itself into the tree next to it. The deer bolted and I never saw it for three months…

By jaydog14

At the top

Staring up. Dazed by the immense height and altitude of the beast before me. It’s fabulous white hair and broad shoulders make me more determine to achieve this feat. I slowly approach with extreme caution and drive me instrument deep into the hardened flesh if the beast. I heard it roar with agony as the spike drove in. I used the handle to clamber my way up the greasy face. One small silent step at a time.

I reached a ledge and had a break, I had some food, a brownish banana, an amazing apple and a great green bunch of grapes. One by one I slowly devoured my fruit one by one until all I had left were sandwiches and my coffee.

After my lunch I continued my quest up this sly slippery slope. I was just a mere spec on the face of this epic beast, an ant on a house. I slowly but surely manoeuvred my May up and beyond, past the clouds and out of sight. No one in the entire universe could see me and I liked that
, I thought it was marvellous until I slipped.

All I remember is tumbling and tumbling and tumbling until I blacked out. I awoke at the foot of the mountains peak about 3000 metres up cold, miserable… ALONE. All alone on a massive mountain peak stranded with a definitely broken leg and a questionable arm. No cell phone coverage and no emergency radio. Stranded. Alive but only just.

I wriggle my way deeper and deeper into the small cave which will be my only way of survival, I have to live. I start thinking about my life, my family my friends. Flashbacks. I have to survive soi slowly make my way down the mountain crawling every step is agonising but I have to survive, I’m at the base of the mountain when I see a helicopter and he sees me. He hovers just ahead of my and I can see him talking on his radio, ten minutes later I’m on a stretcher being carried off this blasted mountain.

By jaydog14

Athletics day

On your marks. Get set… Ppppssssshhhh the clappers went so I was off, sprinting down the lane as fast as I could. Isaac dragging me off and harman trailing just behind I thought I was going to get overtaken by harman but the finish line came up faster than I had interpreted. I was over the line and handed the second place stick. I was rapped.

By jaydog14